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Costa Cruises Crew Areas on Destiny-Class Ships

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If you want to find out where the crew live and relax onboard Costa Cruises Destiny-Class ships and the crew areas available you'll want to take a look here. These ships can accommodate 1040 crew members, which is quite an astonishing number of people working on board. Therefore, crew members have many dedicated areas available at their disposal. We will show you some of the crew areas on this class of ships so you can get familiar before signing on, with photos of the crew dining and recreational areas, and much more. The photos below are provided by a crew member aboard the cruise ship Costa Magica.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the crew areas onboard Costa Cruises Destiny-Class ships.

Ships belonging to the Costa Cruises Destiny-Class:

Project Crew Facilities: The main goal of this project is to help first-time cruise ship employees get familiar with most of the crew facilities and living conditions on a specific ship with photos and a short description.

We need your help: In order to present a detailed description of each crew area, we need your contribution. If you like to contribute please send us photos from the crew facilities and add a short description together with the name of your ship. You can send a message on our FB Fan Page at or at the following email:

Take a look inside the crew areas on other cruise ships